Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Racism - Larkins and Tanilla

Andrew Bolt  

September 19 2013 (12:28pm)

Enough. End the New Racism before more get hurt

Another (alleged) sign of the New Racism that makes debate so difficult - and Aboriginal children so vulnerable:
The royal commission into child abuse has been told a paedophile scout leader was not stood down because it would look bad to sack someone who was part Aboriginal…
Former Scouts Australia group leader Armand Hoitink said scoutmaster Steven Larkins was left working with children, even though he was caught showering with them and putting love notes under their doors…
He said when he asked officials why Larkins had not been sacked, he was told it was because Larkins was part Aboriginal.
“They thought it would be bad publicity,” Mr Hoitink said.

Donna Deaves jailed for 12 years over daughter Tanilla's death

Bungree Aboriginal Intensive Family Based Services.
But blame the Department of Family and Community Services with the court previously hearing that 33 welfare reports were made during Tanilla's short life.

Daily Telegraph September 03, 2011

Tanilla's mother, Donna Deaves, 27, and Ms Deaves' partner Warren Ross, 28, faced losing Tanilla prior to the little girl's death, with Bungree Aboriginal Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS) Wyong working with the family after a referral by DOCS.
The service provides an intensive home-based program for families in crisis and at risk of having their children removed.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kiesha's mother abused as child

Kiesha's mother abused as child
The court heard she was automatically placed in the indigenous care system because of her father's background, despite the fact she did not identify as being Aboriginal.
''She was confronted with a system which said 'no, you're Aboriginal','' Ms Manuell said. ''It dictated the care structure, it dictated the level of care she got, or didn't get.